Tikehau, the pink sand island

The Region


Located 300km from Tahiti and just 12km from Rangiroa, Tikehau and its lagoon of 26km2, look very similar to a natural outdoor swimming pool! Within its waters, where fish are plentiful, the most amazing species will literally blow away snorkelers. In the air, admire the bird colonies where many species hold magical names such as red-footed boobies, greater crested terns, blue noddies, or lesser frigatebird. buy paper in https://justbuyessay.com/.  

Tūherahera, the only village around the atoll, life is peaceful and follows the rhythms of fishing, copra and religious services. It is a fabulous opportunity to indulge oneself in the typical easy-going atmosphere of a Tuamotu atoll.



A lagoon that holds its promises

This oval shaped lagoon formed by a series of motu featuring white and pink sand beaches, is a genuine natural pool opening to a small pass called Tuheiva. Keen divers will be enthralled by the amazing marine life where eagle rays, schools of barracudas and tuna, grey reef sharks, marine turtles and dolphins like to play. For those in search of a relaxing time, the untouched sandy beaches lying by the pure and warm emerald lagoon will definitely fill their expectations.

Natural and beautiful curiosities


Explore Tūherahera village and the superb desert atoll’s beaches, see the impressive coral remnants lying on the beach on the South coast, forming a natural wall. You will travel in time discovering the legend of Hina’s bell closely linked to this place. On the motu, pink sand beaches, a nature’s wonder, are awaiting you.  

A particularly fishy atoll


Millions of fish live in this untouched transparent world. The volume of fish is so large that the research crew of Captain Cousteau had named it “the most fish abundant Tuamotu atoll”.



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