Rangiroa, the endless sky

The Region


Rangiroa offers its visitors various accommodation options to suit expectation and budget. Several categories of hotels or family pensions are available and also cruises for both a group or individuals.  

Located an hour away from Tahiti, Rangiroa is a huge atoll – the largest in French Polynesia and the second largest atoll in the world. 240 motu circle the lagoon of an area of 1640km². It is a natural aquarium, which Captain Cousteau referred to as one of the most beautiful dive sites on Earth. It is a renowned divers’ paradise featuring different kinds of aquatic encounters and sheltering amazing marine life. Non-divers can also enjoy as the crystal clear water ensures sightings of underwater ballets visible from the naked eye or while snorkeling. Rangiroa also hosts dream beaches which pale pink sand is as soft as the inside of a seashell. It is a lagoon within a lagoon. Nun, wie schreibe ich eine seminararbeit www.schreib-essay.com/seminararbeit/ ich weiß wirklich nicht ob das jetzt so attraktiv ist als seiteneinsteiger in m-v anzufangen. Just like the islanders who live there, everything is suited for you to enjoy life on and under the water.



A divers’ paradise


Rangiroa is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking dive spots. Whether you take an intro dive or just a fun dive exploring the lagoon, passes and reefs, beginners and experienced divers will be blown away by the abundance and colors of the marine wildlife. Schools of multicolored butterfly fish, turtles, but also dolphins and sharks… a thrilling time is guaranteed!


The largest atoll of Tahiti and her Islands


Rangiroa or Ra’iroa means “endless skies”. It is the perfect name for the second largest atoll worldwide! The inside of the lagoon could host the main island of Tahiti! The local people in Rangiroa mostly live on two of the hundreds of motu circling the atoll: Tiputa and Avatoru, close to the two passes holding the same name allowing access to the ocean.  

Simply idyllic


Not diving won’t prevent you from discovering the beauties of the lagoon. The possibilities are endless: picnic on a desert motu, snorkeling above incredible coral gardens, visiting untouched islets where wild birds nest, have fun with small friendly sharks… A couple of must-sees: the “blue lagoon”: nature gave birth to a small lagoon within the main lagoon and the “pink sand beach”, another beautiful area to discover. These sand dunes emerge from the reef and naturally crushed seashells have given this amazing pinky shade to the place. Incredible!



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