Tetiaroa, sanctuary of mythical birds

The Region


Tetiaroa is the only atoll in the Windward Islands. It is part of the Society Islands and is managed by the City Hall of Arue on the island of Tahiti. It is a small atoll without a pass and a total area of 33km2, hosting 13 motu (islets) covered with coconut trees. It is the perfect image for a tropical post card: long and deserted bright white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, turquoise waters and an absolute quietness. The royal Pōmare Family made it their resort home. Marlon Brandon fell in love not only with his Tahitian partner of “The Mutiny of the Bounty” but also with this coral gem, which he bought in 1966.



An unforgettable cruise in a pristine environment


With limited ways to get to this island, the best way is to join a weekend cruise departing from Papeete or charter a boat. Tetiaroa hosts a pristine environment and the atoll is part of natural reserve. Apart from the amazing beaches, you will encounter incredible wildlife both under the water and in the air.  

A bird sanctuary


Tetiaroa shelters one of the largest colony of birds in Tahiti and her Islands where white terns, brown boobies, frigate birds, red-tailed tropic birds and above all the amazing great crested birds, their colony is the only one in the Windward Islands. http://overnightessay.co.uk/. Birds come to breed in this uninhabited haven. They are not shy and happy to let visitors admire them.  

The Brando Resort: an up and coming high-end Eco-Hotel


The plans for a hotel/resort are currently being finalized on motu Onetahi. The Brando Resort should open its doors in 2014. The hotel will be energy self-sufficient thanks to solar panels and was built with natural materials. Nearly invisible from the sea, the thirty-nine villas won’t be detrimental to the environment. A marine biologist and a veterinarian will monitor the marine turtle egg-laying site and bird sanctuary. A desalination plant will provide the resort with fresh water while a high-tech system will take advantage of 800 meters deep chilled waters by piping them to land and converting them into the air conditioning. The resort will be LEED platinum certified one of the most respected programs for assessing the environmental impact of new construction. The other atolls and their environment will remain untouched but under scientific surveillance.



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