Tahiti, the queen island

The Region


Also known as ‘Tāmure Island’ or the island of marinated raw fish & sweet fragrances, Tahiti is the heartbeat of French Polynesia. Not only is it the main port of call when arriving into Tahiti via Faa’a International Airport, it is also the main location for public services and the home to Papeete, the capital city. Papeete is a must-see: its harbor, gardens, boutiques, friendly food trucks, its colorful market, renowned handicraft and its ongoing cultural life.


From Paea to Papeno’o, Tahiti hosts beautiful sceneries, varied activities and unveil to travelers an impressive and surprising number of archeological sites. The mountainous inner part of the island is a green kingdom where waterfalls, lava tubes and sacred sites are neighboring. From dawn to dusk, the sunrays enlighten beaches and mountains allowing to spot, in the distance, the sharp peaks of mounts ‘Orohena and Aora’i. The Tahiti Peninsula is a world apart. Take the time to explore it… From the fantastic Te Pari hike to the legendary Teahupo’o wave, every natural wonder is breathtaking.



A lively culture


The largest and most lively of all the French Polynesian islands, Tahiti lives at the pace of culture, music and dance. Attend an enchanting Tahitian dance show called Ori Tahiti, or visit a contemporary art exhibition or an unusual play, a traditional or modern concert. Tahiti and especially Papeete, provide the opportunity to discover artistic expression of all kinds, both unique and creative.


An authentic experience


Tahiti is also famous for its hospitality and sweet relaxed atmosphere where any traveler will happily blend. Indeed, the spontaneous and sincere friendliness of the Tahitians is hard to match. Here, people smile all the time and often take the time to share a piece of advice, information or a story. Visitors will instantly feel comfortable living at the pace of island life.


A generous nature and activities of all kinds


Tahiti will unveil its beauty and can be explored in many different ways: black sand beaches on the East coast, white sand beaches on the West coast, diving, beginner’s and mythical surf spots, mountainous peaks within desert lush valleys or the historic site of Papeete’s colorful market…



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