Huahine, the garden of eden

The Region


An area of about 75km², Hūāhine is made up of two islands: Hūāhine Nui up North and Hūāhine Iti at the South, both connected by a bridge overlooking the lagoon. 6,000 inhabitants live on these lush islands and the main village is Fare. It is a lively but quiet place with shops, banks, food trucks, cyber cafes and souvenir shops.  

Secluded and authentic, Hūāhine inspires the traveler with an enchanting magic thanks to its secretive and mysterious side.



A particular charm


Also commonly referred to as the “secret island”, the “authentic island” and the “secluded island”, many charming adjectives come to mind when mentioning the island and for obvious reasons. The island is a cocktail of Polynesian sceneries and ambiance. Natural beauty, intense encounters with the population, infinite possibilities to relax or go on exciting tours. Hūāhine is an island “to live”, an island “to feel”. The famous local singer and painter Bobby Holcomb had chosen this small piece of land where joy and smiles are always around!


Cultural discoveries


Maeva, North-East of Fare, is located close to the largest of the two lagoons, called Fa’una Nui and is famous for its farming activities. Stonefish traps – an ancestral legacy but still currently used, numerous marae and other archeological remnants are concentrated around this authentic village. A small educational museum was set up under a fare pōte’e (a house where the local knowledge, sacred traditions and rituals were taught) to exhibit objects and other remnants found during the various archeological digs (paddles, axe blades, fish teeth pendants, pestles, tattoo combs…. ). In Fā’ie, get close to the huge blue eyed eels !


Activities for everyone


Beautiful white sand beaches lie in the districts of Fare and Parea. Go on a lagoon ride on the unreal colored lagoon, explore the underwater world (reef walls, fishy caves and coral gardens) and one of the largest archeological areas of French Polynesia, enjoy a sunset cruise, deep-sea fishing, surfing, hiking, horseback riding, trekking and kite boarding. Water and land activities abound around the island.



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