The Marquesas Islands, Land of Men

The Marquesas Islands are one of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia. They were so named by the Spaniard Alvaro de Mendaña who approached them in 1595. They were once an important center of eastern Polynesian civilization (the Hawaii were probably populated from the Marquesas, as evidenced by the relationship of the language with the Marquesas).  

With a total area of 997 km2, the Marquesas are among the most extensive archipelagos of French Polynesia. Islands with very marked characters who nonetheless have something in common: they are all stunning beauty, spectacular, wild and rich with a unique culture, steeped in treasures and mysteries.  

Since the late 1970s witnessed the Marquesas to a cultural renaissance, the Marquesas are reclaiming the songs, dances, sculptures, crafts and tattoo that had, in fact, never disappeared from the community memory. Today, pahu, large drums resound again in the valleys and tuhuna artisans or specialists holders of knowledge and know-how, are more talented than ever.  

At the heart of these rugged landscapes that appear to be resistant to fortresses worldwide uniformity, the cradle of Polynesian art, ‘Fenua enata’, Terre des hommes « is an authentic bulwark, the refuge of a simple lifestyle and vigorous. King is also used to describe the preeminent person in a field, as in michael jackson’s designation as the king of pop.



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