The austral islands, Lands of traditions

The Austral Islands…. Untouched and mysterious lands, a land of tradition where white sand clashes with the intense blue of the lagoons… Although this group of islands is off the beaten track, it will offer travelers a memorable and genuine experience.


Discovered by the Europeans in the 18th century, the Australs are located 600km South from Tahiti’s capital city. The archipelago is made of 7 islands, 5 of them are inhabited and the other 4 are within reach by air. One will easily understand what makes them special: their isolation, the untouched look and their deeply authentic nature.

Breathtaking landscapes, from sheer mountains to valleys and high plains, these islands are famous for their farming activities. Numerous archeological remnants are hiding around each island, witnessing a well-organized pre-European community of rich cultural and religious practices.


The cliffs and caves are places of legends… These areas used to be old burial grounds but are now a place where one can view the humpback whales. The whales come to the Austral Islands from August-October each year to give birth. Thus, one will enjoy ocean and land, memorable hikes and fabulous diving.


These contrasting sceneries blend well with the friendliness of the inhabitants. In the colorful picturesque villages, one will discover the handicraft know-how of the islanders, who mainly live off their artwork, but also fishing, farming and basket weaving. You won’t leave these enchanting places without a hat or woven basket, as a memory of the fine work and the ancestral legacy of this know-how. The art of weaving is passed on from generation to generation… It seems that smiling goes along way…


The Austral Islands are a rare opportunity to discover Tahiti and Her Islands under a different light…



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